emcee opportunities

Do you have a Conference, Charity Event, Auction, or Special Event that needs an Emcee to lead a fun paced, laughter filled & entertaining agenda? You’ve found it with LAF Tech!

Emcee Services – Let yourself be part of the experience, and not in front of the mic! We’ll take over the speaking and directive portion of your event, allowing you to relax and mingle with coworkers, employees or valued patrons. We’ll be professional, upbeat, funny and entertaining and help keep the pace within the parameters that you set! Our only goal is your event’s success.

Auction Assistance – We can talk fast, but not that fast! While we’re not certified Auctioneers, we partner well with them as needed. We can read off the items, allowing your Auctioneer to focus on the audience, plus add some humor and levity to what can be a stressful period of any event! We can fully run Silent Auctions, Desert Dashes, Raise the Paddle Auctions, Pay for Date games and more to help increase your donations and help assure an amazing end result.

Improvisation Games – CurveBall, Finish-It, Yes-And, What-If games and more! Our LAF Tech Improve games help loosen up the crowd, encourage engagement & help increase donations as people who are enjoying themselves tend to be more willing to give more, learn faster, and remember more!

We Inspire – Trainings, Dinners, Auctions and more don’t have to be dire events. Put some humor into any one of them and we’ll bring our very best to entertain, educate, keep the pace rolling and help make your tailored event shine.

 Also Available for Events:

  • Feature or Headliner-level Comedians from the Pacific Northwest
  • Photo-Booths
  • Videographer
  • Event Photography


We take the time to study your event & your organization to ensure our comedic efforts and material are perfectly appropriate to your audience and event’s end-result!

Our hourly base-rate is a competitive $250/per hour. We can tailor packages specific to your event need & budget upon request; all you need to do is ask. You can book directly through us, or connect with us also through 

While all of our Emcee services are customizable,

the following are examples of some of our packages: 

I have very specific needs that aren't highlighted above. Can you still work with me?

Of course!, or at least we’d like to believe so. Our rates are based solely off our competition, but also our knowledge and experience as hosts, emcees and engagement specialists. We can work with you to determine what would likely be the very best offering for your event to help ensure your participants have the best possible time; or in the case of a charitable event, how we can get them to best relax both their nerves and pocketbooks to help your organization!

What if we just need to hire a comedian?

Great question. There are sometimes when a private event, personal or corporate, requires some comedic talent to bring the house down with laughter! We can do this. Our extensive network and ratings system allows us to find you the best talent in the Pacific Northwest, whether PG, or Rated R to make your event a memorable one. Pricing is disclosed only through connecting with us, as the talent-level, scheduling, per diem, etc are all summed up through discussion. Click the button below and let’s connect!

Does your entire business need help? Have a team that needs to laugh?