Corporate Events

We offer a wide array of Corporate Programs to help everyone in your business discover their own mix of humor!

First off, we want to be very clear that our intent with any one of our Corporate Programs is to help make your business successful. It sounds almost silly to say that, “Humor is serious business,” but it really is.

Your company may be having a problem with the atmosphere at work, experiencing employee retention problems or sales may be flat. Guess what? This could be a sign that there’s room to improve the business culture – and we’re here to help.

We’ve offer three different levels of training available for organizations to choose from. Each provides an extensive, interactive, safe and fun workshop feel including improvisational exercises, training, and discussions covering our “The Six Methods of Humor™” curriculum.

These workshops are highly recommended for management-level employees, and all the way down to the admins who answer the phones. Participants always have a chance to be heard, to become more memorable, and to use humor as a skill and tool. We’ll show you how. This is what we do!

By showing attendees how to handle objectives, unforeseen situations, refining a “Sales Story,” or even changing the way people engage on video calls or traditional phone calls; our improvisational exercises and lessons create confidence from within a fun and supportive environment. We make it fun and easy to listen, laugh, learn and try!

Our Corporate level Workshops have been compared to giving a gift to a company’s employees! For the record, we’ll totally wear ribbons and pop out of boxes if that’s what it takes to get you to LAF’ with us!

I love this. We need this, but we may need customizations. Can we do that?
Of course! We are able to connect with you and run through our LAF Tech Corporate Profile Questionnaire that allows us to learn more about your organization and needs. It also establishes points of contact, provides us with information on how to better research your company to better serve your needs, and finally lets you “commit to paper” what you really want to see come out of these Workshops. Whether this is a one-event or a quarterly, semi, or yearly opportunity, we want to work with you!
Where do these events normally happen?

Great question. Our Corporate level offerings are tailored specifically for 20 or less and held at the company address. We will do our best to setup and create the same fun, supportive and safe atmosphere at your facility, or we’ll suggest a neutral location (may require additional cost) so that attendees feel safe to explore their humor mix!

What if I’m an entrepreneur, and I prefer a workshop environment?

Oh, we have those. 🙂

Guess what? We really, really want to hear from you.

We absolutely are happier than a 5-year old in a roomful of kittens that you’ve landed here. We’d love to connect and answer questions you may have, or discuss which one of our LAF Tech programs are best for your business.

However, we also super love our weekends. So, if you reach out on a Friday or the weekend, please allow us our quality and/or family time. We’ll respond the following Monday! Thank you again for connecting with LAF Tech. We look forward to LAF’ing with you!