We’ve been training online long before the pandemic. LAF Tech proudly offers our 2x weekly Lounge Workshop to inspire, support, and connect all business types with improv, best practices, humor and more!

Join our weekly “Virtual Lounge” where participants will be able to interact with one another, have some fun with improvisational edu-tainment opportunities, & work together with Engagement Specialists, Marcelle Allen and Brian Trendler on the new content each week:

• Learn about the Humor Protocol
• Refine your upcoming presentations with direct feedback
• Business Best Practices – all with a humorous twist!
• Business Asks – have a need or problem? We’ve got you!
• Improvisational exercises
• Celebrate each other’s wins
• CONNECT with all present and network!!!

• You could receive help on ANYTHING you’re working on, get shared feedback from members, and even private
1-2-1 time on matters more sensitive.

• Connect with both Engagement Specialists, Marcelle Allen & Brian Trendler as well as others present to help!
• Confidence gained! Gain connections in our current disconnected world we’re all suddenly thrust into!

Our Weekly Lounge Workshops are an ongoing experience to network, learn best practices, laugh, learn and connect!

I’m a parent, and I prefer a safe, fun  and engaging workshop for my 

kids, GOT THOSE?

Kids are bored. Kids are missing out on key relationship-building skills with school friends due to the pandemic. They are running low on creativity, fun & engagement. Worse, parents are exhausted with all of their needs to adult AND focus on what their kiddos need day to day! “Resting Zoom Face” is a thing, people! We’re here to help!

We’ve created a 4-week Zoom Children’s Workshop series to help change this. Each week, participants will experience fun improvisational exercises, video conferencing etiquette, creative friend-making-during-the-pandemic-best-practices, confidence building goodies, challenges for follow up Workshops & more!


• Your children can connect to new faces, new friends and be inspired to connect! 
• Weekly easy, fun and brain-stimulating improv exercises that anyone can do!
• Confidence gained! When children are engaged, they win! They’ll want to keep coming back to listen, watch, laugh and learn each week!

• Workshops will be 60 minutes per session.
• Ages 7-12 recommended
• Attendees must have Zoom connectivity via desktop or laptop, camera, and microphone to participate!
• We’re going to allow a maximum of 10 attendees per ZOOM call and may, if embraced by all of you, have up to 2 sessions per week!
• If families have multiple kids that want to attend, due to our wish to keep engagement high, **connect with us** and we’ll come to an agreement re: costs. 
• We’re launching our first workshop at 10am, August 12th, and due to early interest already generating, we’ll likely follow up with an evening event to cater to those who find that timeframe works better too.


Our 4-week Kid’s Zoom Room Workshop series is an ideal experience to for kids to learn best practices, watch, laugh, engage and learn!

CLASSES FULL? We really, really want to ADD YOU TO OUR WAIT LIST.

We absolutely are happier than a 5-year old in a roomful of kittens that you’re interested in either our Weekly Lounge sessions or our Kid’s Zoom Room . We’d love to add you to our Wait List and/or answer any other questions you may have.

However, we also super love our weekends. So, if you reach out on a Friday or the weekend, please allow us our quality and/or family time. We’ll respond the following Monday! Thank you again for connecting with LAF Tech. We look forward to LAF’ing with you!