Your business should be successful. Your employees should be happy. Your work atmosphere should be a welcoming and positive place to engage with one another and your clients.

What if it isn’t? What if your company is having difficulties that you don’t even realize are happening until it’s too late? Employee retention issues, flat sales, and decreased levels of engagement within the ranks of your company’s community are all signs of a need to improve your business culture – and we’re here to help.

When you engage with our LIFT (Leadership Inspired Focused Trainings), you receive 12 months of workplace accountability, and we don’t just focus on one side or team within your business. We work with Management to identify areas of needed improvement, Sales Teams receive support, role-playing, scripting, and sales methodologies, and even the Administration side of your business will benefit from becoming better communicators. Your entire company can become better at being seen, heard, listened to, all while having fun learning how.

While every company is different, our monthly Engagement Sessions can be customized to fit each scenario. Your company can expect to experience some or all of the following that benefit Management, Sales teams, and your Administrative staff:

Public Speaking Challenges  Speech Copy-writing Leadership Imaging 
Role-playing Movement & Gestures Presentation Spot-Checks  
Humor-based Methodologies Script-writing Improvisational Exercises
Voice Range/Impact Video Coaching Resiliency Training Accountability
Leadership Imaging Interpersonal Skills Time Management
Stacking and Vision Work Communication Skills Hiring/Intake Process 

Your Cost: 12 month contract, $4,000 per month - Valued at $65,000

Our sessions are delivered as two, two-hour workshops each month. We will identify the needs of your business ahead of time to determine the initial focus, then grow our offerings within your company and tailor our curriculum to match your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Workplaces thrive on continuing education and support. With our monthly Leadership Inspired Focused Trainings, we offer far more value than those huge turn-key “solutions in a box” companies out there that engage, interact and help much less than you may realize. We will be present at your company each month, whether onsite or virtually. Our trainings and asks are easy to digest, easier to accomplish, and even FUN to implement. 

How many employees can the LIFT program support?

This is a great question. Our sessions require participation, interaction and focus to be successful. That success is gauged highly on the impact we know each participant experiences. We prefer to have a maximum of 15-20 people during our sessions to guarantee a positive experience. We want everyone to have an absolute minimum of 2-3 opportunities to engage. Demand drive Workshops though!, and if more people want to participate, we can add more sessions at an additional cost.  

Guess what? We really, really want to hear from you.

We absolutely are happier than a 5-year old in a roomful of kittens that you’ve landed here. We’d love to connect and answer questions you may have, or discuss which one of our LAF Tech programs are best for your business.

However, we also super love our weekends. So, if you reach out on a Friday or the weekend, please allow us our quality and/or family time. We’ll respond the following Monday! Thank you again for connecting with LAF Tech. We look forward to LAF’ing with you!